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You scored what !, jokes about golfing partners

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I have to give up golf

I'm going to have to give up golf," Fred sadly advised the club secretary. "I've become so nearsighted I keep losing balls and if I play with glasses they keep falling off."

"Listen, don't give up;" the secretary replied. "What about teaming up with old Harry Jones." "But he's in his 80s and can only just make it around the course."

"Yes, yes, he's old, but he's also farsighted and he'll be able to see where you've hit your ball. It's a way to stay on playing."

The next day Fred and old Harry played their first game together. Fred teed off first and his powerful swing took the ball sailing up the fairway.

"Did you see it?" he asked Harry. "Yes," the old-timer answered.

"Where did it go?" "I forget!" came the reply.



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