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Golf & religion a heavenly mix of jokes

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I have punished him

Father Patrick, who was not averse to berating his congregation for abusing the Sabbath, still liked to sneak off occasionally for a quick round of the course before the early morning service.

At crack of dawn one midsummer morning he was spotted on the tenth tee one Sunday by an angel; and the angel was much annoyed.

"Father, he should be punished!" he said as he reported the miscreant to God.

"And so he shall be, my son. Watch this!" the heavenly Father replied. Father Patrick hit off on the 590-metre, par five hole, and his ball arced gracefully in direct line with the pin. It dropped onto the green and a gentle breeze caught it and carried it a few.centimetres right into the hole. The angel turned a puzzled face to God.

"Sir, I thought you were going to punish him and instead you've given him what every golfer dreams of - a hole in one and on the longest hole on the course!"

The good Lord smiled. "I have punished him! Who can he tell?"


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