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Short Game Laws...

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A ball hit to the wrong green will land two feet from the hole
A ball hit to your green will stop an inch from where the hole was yesterday
A chip shot will always travel one-third of the distance to the hole, or twelve-thirds of the distance
A practice shot hit from a bunker after a flubbed sand wedge will always stop right next to the hole
After the first putt sinks, the hole shrinks
Always concede a putt if the ball cannot be marked without the coin falling into the cup
Even if it's longer than the fourth one was, the fifth putt is always good
Every putt is a straight putt if you hit the damn thing hard enough
If you leave the pin in, it will bang the ball off the green
If you take the pin out, the ball will rocket over the hole
If you tend the pin, it will jam in the cup
It's not a gimme if you're still away
Misread putts have perfect pace; on-line putts never reach the hole
Never lag a tap-in
Never putt a gimme
No putt ever got shorter as a result of being marked
Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts
Putts come three to a package
Spike marks never turn a putt towards the cup
The grain of the green always runs towards the setting sun, except when it doesn't
The green often forgets which way the last putt broke
The key to mastering the short shots is to make sure you don't start hitting them until you get within 100 yards of the green
The only time you can ever suck back a ball is when it lands 30 feet short
The trouble with the putting grip is that one hand is not enough and two hands are way too many
The yips are contagious, but no one catches a pure putting stroke
There are no lip-ins
You can three-putt without plumb-bobbing the break, but why take the chance?
You can't learn luck
You can't teach touch

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