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Excuses for when you just have to go and play golf!

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They are fumigating my office, so I have to find something to do this afternoon.
They are giving away free golf tees with every nine holes purchased.
They are having an open house on my home, so I have to find something to do.
They are offering 18 holes for the price of 9.
They are offering a free round of golf with a nights stay at this hotel; I'm considering moving in permanently.
They clean my clubs after the round is over.
They didn't promote me at work, so I am taking as much time off as possible.
They don't make you rake the traps at this course.
They gave me free greens fees because it was so slow last week.
They give out free peanuts at the turn.
They have a great microbrewery at the clubhouse.
They have really soft toilet paper at the golf course.
They have the best driving range.
They installed rain guards on the back of the carts to keep my clubs dry.
They just got all new range balls.
They just replaced the rye with bluegrass in the fairways.
They put in a new sand trap on the long par-5 fairway.
They put in a nursery at the clubhouse, so I can have them baby-sit and me golf!
They put new tee boxes on the par-5's.
They say the greens are tough in Myrtle. I have to try it for myself.
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