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Excuses for when you just have to go and play golf!

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The course is trying out a new program with water coolers on all the carts.
The course just installed electric ball washers.
The course just opened.
The course just put in new golf ball washers.
The course put in a new irrigation system on the back nine.
The course serves a great club sandwich for lunch.
The course we are scheduled to play has a lot of hills.
The courses are too busy on weekends, so I am going out today.
The creek is dried up, so I won't lose a ball on my approach shot.
The Cub's have a night game, so I might as well golf this afternoon.
The Cubs missed the playoffs, so my afternoons are free.
The doctor ordered me to get lots of fresh air.
The doctor recommended I golf every day...I think that's what he said.
The doctor said after getting an injection, I must keep my arms loose. Golfing is the best thing.
The doctor said running is bad, but walking with golf clubs is OK.
The driving range is closed, so I have to practice somewhere.
The fairways are like greens, and the greens are like velvet. I just have to play it.
The fish are not biting this time of year.
The forecast is for snow; we need to play as much as possible today.
The golf course is the only place I can get my entire family together.
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