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Excuses for when you just have to go and play golf!

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I couldn't golf when I was married, so any time is good now.
I do all my praying on the course.
I don't have a logo ball from that course.
I don't have time for the driving range, but I have time to play 18.
I enjoy driving the golf carts.
I enjoy hitting things.
I enjoy looking for my ball in the rough.
I enjoy looking through the used golf balls in the pro shop.
I enjoy nature.
I enjoy the peace and quiet on the course.
I enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass.
I enjoy wearing golf caps.
I finally can make my ball go left to right.
I finally have a chance to play with someone worse than me.
I finished all my projects at work.
I finished cutting my grass.
I gambled away my mortgage money last week, so I need to win it back today.
I gave up intimacy with my wife, so this is my new vice.
I get depressed when I don't play.
I get more work done on the course than at the office.
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