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Excuses for when you just have to go and play golf!

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My wife is making me teach her how to golf.
My wife is out shopping for curtains.
My wife is pregnant, and she just wants me out of the house.
My wife is taking the kids golfing. I'll think I'll tag along.
My wife lets me golf, if I go to church.
My wife looks sexy carrying golf clubs.
My wife made me join her golf league, so we can spend quality time together.
My wife only lets me play miniature golf; I need the real thing.
My wife said if I cleaned the garage out, I could go; so I took my clubs out of the garage and put them in my trunk and went golfing.
My wife took lessons, so now I have to take her out on the course.
My wife took the kids on vacation.
My wife wants to have sex, so I'm going golfing.
My wife was yelling at me, so I had to get out of the house.
My wife went furniture shopping.
My wife went house hunting with her sister.
My wife went shopping and asked me not to be home when she returns.
My wife went to a baby shower and I have nothing to do.
Replays are only $20.
Senior citizens get a discount this year!
Since getting my new camera, I collect photos of every green.
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