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Exceptions to the rules of golf

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Suicidal Shot

If a ball comes to rest in a playable but Inherently perilous lie, such as on or among roots and rocks, on hardpan, in poison ivy or oak, up against the lip of a bunker, in uncommonly thick, wet, or tangled grass, on an unusually steep slope, or in a particularly deep divot hole, a player who sincerely believes that an attempt to play it as it lies could result in substantial physical harm may take advantage of his right to a therapeutic drop and move the ball without penalty to the nearest safely playable lie. However, before doing so, he must, in a clear and convincing fashion, and using appropriate medical terminology whenever possible, specify the particular portions of his anatomy that he feels would be subject to damage, and the nature and severity of the anticipated injury.

Note: This requirement is waived if, prior to the commencement of play on the first tee, the player in question has had the foresight to notify his playing partners that he is currently suffering from one or more pre-existing physical impairments that would be seriously exacerbated by a misguided attempt to play a ball from a potentially life-threatening lie.


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