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Exceptions to the rules of golf

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Informal Water

If, due to the seasonal drying of a brook, creek, or rivulet, or the diversion of a stream, or the evaporation of a pond during a prolonged period of drought, or the emptying of an artificial lagoon for regular cleaning, or an outflow from a marsh due to tidal action, or a scheduled release from an impoundment, or the draining of a reservoir, or a permanent and persistent state of desiccation in improperly designed or designated terrain, a water hazard fails at any time to contain a sufficient volume of actual, formal water physically standing or moving within its boundaries to cover at least one half of its total staked area, it ceases to be a valid water hazard and its status is automatically downgraded to "water nuisance." A player whose ball has come to rest on ground inside the margins of any such water nuisance may, without penalty, lift and clean his ball for purposes of identification, move loose impediments from it, and ground his club when striking it, or, if it lies in any remaining incidental water in the nuisance, he may remove his ball from that water and drop it in the nearest playable lie on dry and level ground.



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