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Exceptions to the rules of golf

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Adjustment of Lie Prior to Bold Play
Administrative Adjustment of Scores
Agreement to Re-tee
Audible Interference with Swing
Autonomous Concession
Ball Hiding from Player
Ball Hit Perfectly Straight
Ball Hit Slightly Out-of-Bounds
Ball Hit Under Pressure
Ball Missing in Fairway but Obviously Not Lost
Ball Not Put Fully into Play
Ball Playable in Water Hazard, but Just Not Worth It
Ball Played as It Once Lay or Ought to Have Lain
Ball Renounced in Flight
Ball Striking Flagstick
Ball Striking Rake
Ball Swung at and Missed
Ball Teed Up Ahead of the Markers
Botanical Obstruction
Casual Air
Casual Bunker
Casual Bunker
Coincidental Demolition of Coarse Growth
Coincidental Demolition of Coarse Growth
Concession of Putts
Concession of Putts
Cruel and Unusual Hazards
Cruel and Unusual Hazards
Deniable Ball
Environmental Hazard
Equitable Stroke Control in Bunkers
Expendable Ball
Experimental Shot
Frivolous Ball
Ground in Flight Outdistancing Ball in Play
Ground in Need of Repair
Hostile Growth
Inadvertent Ball
Informal Water
Junk Ball
Misplaced Ball
Negligent Putt
Negotiated Concessions
Nonchalant Putts
Nonconforming Shot
Paranoid Shot
Preaddressing the Ball
Preferential Ball
Preposterous Shot
Protection Against Double Penalty
Providential Ball
Provisional Provisional Ball
Punitive Pin Placement
Recent Instruction
Removal of Deadwood
Revisional Ball
Stolen Ball
Suicidal Shot
Temporary Insanity
Temporary Restraint of Foliage
Unbelievable Ball Position
Unnecessary Rough
Unreasonable Searches
Unsolicited Advice as to Choice of Club or Method of Play
Wrongful Lie


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