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Exceptions to the rules of golf

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Concession of Putts

A player is conceded to have holed out on his next stroke, and his putt is "given," only as follows:

1. A first putt shall be conceded if it is so extraordinarily short that any player requiring that it be putted would be held up to more ridicule for doing so than the player to whom the ball belongs would be if he putted and failed to sink it

2. A second putt shall be conceded if it is no farther from the hole than the distance from the head to the beginning of the grip of a typical putter ("in the leather"), or if the player's first putt skirted, ringed, lipped, lapped, looped, circled, rimmed, or curled around the hole, or hopped out of it after striking its interior.

3. A third putt shall be conceded if it can be reached and picked up within one giant step by a player standing by the hole, or if that player reached the green in regulation but failed to sink his second putt for par.

4. A fourth putt shall be conceded if it lies anywhere on the putting surface unless the player took a practice putt on that green.

However, if a player attempts to hole out a putt that has been conceded to him and he fails to sink that putt, neither his next putt on that green nor any subsequent putts, no matter how short or how numerous, shall be conceded to him, but if his ball hit the flagstick on that green, this restriction shall be waived.



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