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Exceptions to the rules of golf

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Unnecessary Rough

Any irregular and uneven ground having ruts, pits, and furrows, or expanses of excessively tall, deep, or dense grass, or clumps of thick stubble is deemed to constitute an improper playing condition, and a ball coming to rest therein may be kicked without penalty to the nearest playable lie under the following circumstances:

1. If the ground in question occupies the most logical place on a hole for a well-hit drive to land when it is aimed in such a way as to achieve the maximum distance while avoiding bunkers, wooded or brushy terrain, or ground lying out-of-bounds

2. If the ground in question occupies the only feasible position on a hole toward which a ball may be directed for safe play in the vicinity of a water hazard

3. If the ground in question lies within or cuts across a fairway or separates two sections of fairway from each other

4. If the ground in question occupies the part of a hole lying directly across the green from a deep or steep-sided bunker out of which a successful explosion shot is liable to be hit with excessive force

5. If it is clearly ridiculous to play out of the ground in question.



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