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Exceptions to the rules of golf

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Junk Ball

On holes requiring that a tee shot be hit a considerable distance directly across a water hazard, a player may elect to substitute a range ball for his own ball, but this option is subject to the following restrictions:

1. If the range ball safely carries the water hazard, the player must continue to use it for the remainder of the hole and putt out with it, regardless of how flawed or misshapen it may be, unless the green of the hole in question is in plain view of the clubhouse and the range ball, by virtue of its distinct coloration or markings, is clearly identifiable as having been removed from the practice tee of the same course.

2. If, in spite of having been hit soundly and cleanly, the range ball fails to safely carry the water hazard due to a noticeable degradation of its aerodynamic potential caused by wear and tear inflicted upon it on the practice tee, the player may not claim a right of replay without penalty under the provisions of Exception 14, Noncon-forming Shot, even if the range ball makes a distinct buzzing, humming, or whirring sound when hit, unless it actually disintegrates in flight



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