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Exceptions to the rules of golf

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Casual Air

"Casual air" Is wind of a volume or velocity sufficient to cause (a) a pinch of grass blades released at shoulder height to be blown a distance of at least two club lengths in any direction; or (b) the fabric bunting attached to the flagstick on any green to be drawn taut, or to ruffle, flap, or flutter, or the flagsticks themselves to bend, sway, or wobble; or (c) improperly affixed headgear to become airborne. Whenever casual air is deemed to exist, players may obtain relief as follows:

1. The ball may be teed up anywhere within the closely mown area of the teeing ground without regard to the position of the tee markers.

2. Any ball hit out-of-bounds may be retrieved and replayed from the nearest playable lie within bounds, without penalty of either stroke or distance.

3. Any ball that flies unexpectedly far over a green, or falls conspicuously short of it, may be replayed once without assessing a stroke.

4. All third putts are conceded.

5. A range ball may be put into play at any time at a player's discretion.



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