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Golf Cartoons

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Sean has been drawing cartoons all his life.He got his professional break by drawing and selling cartoon sheep for a nickel in the second grade. He then began to draw more complex animals like his teacher Ms. Olson. Then he started drawing humans. He was the class clown in high school and plans to remain that way until he is 86 years old.
Sean was the editorial cartoonist for three years of his 7 year stint at Arizona State University.

After graduation of college, he began to get printed in several newspapers and magazines. He also has done stand-up comedy at The Comedy Store in L.A., Laffs, The Improv and has also performed 'corporate comedy' for many companies such as Intel, State Farm, AMES Taping Tools, Quest and many more.

Sean now draws all kinds of cartoons daily for golf, tennis, hunting, editorial and many more types of publications. Sean also teaches cartooning and improvisation comedy workshops for kids and adults.

PO Box 1262
Chadron, NE 69337-1262
For More Information
(308) 432-8902

Email: website:

  Currently, Sean is syndicating his cartoons on the internet.

Sean's Cartoons have appeared in:
· The Arizona Republic
· The Tribune
· The New Times
· The American Editor
· Golfdum Magazine
· Sun Magazines
· Hospitality Review
· The Chadron Record
· The Clipper
· Illinois Medicine
And Many More

Cartoon Collections Include:
Off Course Golf Cartoons
75 of the Funniest Golf Cartoons Ever
Holy Moly Cartoons
An Off-Beat Look at 'Religion'

"We are impressed with what we's clear you have a unique and funny perspective of the world"
Mad Magazine Editor David Shayne

"Hoy's cartoons are the most refreshing and off-beat cartoons around."
The American Editor


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